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        Popular searches: Correction tape Glue tape Pencil leads
        Guangdong Lepusheng Stationery Co.,Ltd.
        Tel: 86-754-89908989
        Tel: 86-754-83616505
        Fax: 86-754-83846556
        E-mail: gsj@lepusheng.com
        Add: Wenguang Taoyuan Industrial Area,Chaoyang District,Shantou

        【TRADE TEREMS】

        • Do you accept OEM&ODM order? 

              Yes! We can produce products according to customers’ design and samples.


        • What is MOQ?

               MOQ for Correction tape is 30,000pcs for each item.
               MOQ for Writing Instrument is 120,000pcs for each item.


        • How about the payment terms?

               We accept  L/C at sight, or 30% deposit, 70% balance against copy of B/L.


        • Can I get samples from you?

               Yes! Sample could be supplied.


        • What is the shelf time?

              Shelf time is 2 years. 


        • What about the price level?

               As a professional manufacturer who have been Specializing in the production of correction tape,                        correction fluid and writing instrument for more than 15years, we are sure that our prices have a great               competitive advantage over the products at the same level.


        • What should I do if my products is not working properly?

               Usually, we will require the samples and picture of products and conduct related inspection. After that we           will discuss the result of inspection with customers and find a reasonable solution.


        •  What is the correct way to store my correction tape?

        Keep out of the reach of children under 3 years.

        Do not store in dampness and high temperature places.

        Avoid direct sunlight.


        • How to use the correction tape?

              Take off the cap.

              Hold correction tape at about 45°so that the tape is position flat onto the urface.

              Press & pull the correction tape slowly.

              To ensure clean out-off film,turn applicator upright at  90° before lifting.

        • Where do you load the goods?

               We offer shipment by sea or by air as requested by the buyer.

               Following sea ports are used for shipment of large consignments of our product.

               1) Shantou Port 2) Yantian Port 3)Ningbo Port 4) Shanghai Port
               While by air freight is dispatched through these international airports;
               1) Shantou Port 2) Shanghai Port


        • What is the lead time?

              Usually , lead time is 30-40 days.


        • Which logistics company do you cooperate with?

              COSCO, APL, CMA,CSAV, K-LINE, MSC and etc.

              For courier ,it’s up to buyer’s option., we will give suggestion according to the     time table of the steamers       and their services.